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event planning
custom goods

but let's be honest, we love a good creative challenge. pitch your thought + we'll scheme up a plan. 

can't wait to work together!

a moment for your people

event planning

birthdays, babies, graduations, corporate celebrations, reunions, weddings, "fun"erals, dinner parties, bachelorettes...
if you want to toast to it, we want to plan it

it's important that hosting feels effortless so you can enjoy the party and the process too. we'll jump off the starting block dreamin' + schemin' and then dig into the nitty gritty so your event really pops off

lisa tripled her sales

suzanne had a 20k launch

where our creativity goes to the olympics. all the ideas, all the details, all the goods, all the hype. what more could you ask for? we're drawing a blank.

if we're being honest, we love to live at this level. personalized details make a bash like this pack a punch. this is a great option when you want everyone to feel thought about

full send


a twist on what you've seen before. every festivity needs a splash of something funky. this package cracks the door open to a lil creativity.

...because every party should be. our basic package that's anything but basic. Perfect for when you want to keep your shindig low-key but still brag-worthy.



product as one-of-a-kind as you

custom goods

confetti, napkins, cups, coasters, fat heads, stickers, banners, signage - you name it, we'll customize it. these are the details that give your party depth + keep your guests raving

you're only given a little spark of madness. you mustn't lose it.

- robin williams

the not so common

We Do Details

because parties without them are lame. there's no such thing as an unimportant detail - the stamp on the invite, the taste of the apps, the quality of the coffee, the feel of the room - when you care, it shows.

We make it fun

because parties without it are lame. we're not talkin forced fun. we're talkin about a genuine good ole time. think all your favorite things and all your favorite people in one room, stress-free + ready for a good time.

We don't do it twice

because parties like that are lame. predictable isn't really our vibe (and neither is wrapping in a gift bag). your party shouldn't be a pinterest copy, an aisle from party city or a last-minute thought. we want your party to feel like you, not like us.


Let's work together, yeah yeah yeah!

want to do this thing? shoot us some info about your big day and we'll reach out to talk details. 

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